What Happened To Craigslist Personals

What Happened To Craigslist Personals
What Happened To Craigslist Personals

Craigslist Personals

Craigslist Personals: founded by Craig Newmark and Jim Buckmaster.  Is a website which offers a platform for classified ads that covers a broad range of categories. These categories include classifieds related to job openings, housing, selling of a product, various services, etc. Moreover, the Craigslist website also hosts a forum where the users can discuss any topic of their interest. Originally extending its premises to San Francisco only. Craigslist now lists classifieds and announcements for more than 450 cities worldwide which have been added to its network.

Craigslist Community

As mentioned with more than 450 cities worldwide having their own Craigslist community website. The main focus of this company is to provide its users with a convenient. And a non-commercial way to connect with other members of their community. All you need to do is to create a free Craigslist account using a valid email address and verify it. This will be your key to be a member of the Craigslist community in your region. And you will be able to post classifieds plus participate in forum discussions whenever you want.

Whether you are a teenager, a middle-aged person, or a senior citizen. You can use the Craigslist website to chat on forums, exchange tips, shop online. And boost community spirit by making new friends.
The community members on a Craigslist website have a responsibility. On their shoulders to keep a track of the content being posted.

Moderation Of Craigslist

They play a huge role in the moderation of Craigslist websites. These users can apply various tags on announcements and classifieds such as best of craigslist, miscategorized, spam/overpost, and prohibited. Moreover, they can also flag posts to accentuate the content. That is particularly fascinating or the content that devalues the website.

Craigslist acts as a bridge between buyers and sellers in over 300 different communities. This vast circle of the Craigslist communities makes. This company’s platform as one of the most influencing marketplaces available out there. It will be equal to playing the fool if one limits. Craigslist to just posting classified ads regarding job openings and apartment listings etc. Craigslist can be used as the ultimate marketing tool for all kinds of businesses. Whether your business is about manufacturing products, supplying directly, or selling goods.

Craigslist can be one of the best destinations to market Online Business. Establishing a voice for business on Craigslist require the owner to design unique ads effectively portraying the positive aspects of your business. The rule is to keep the ads simple yet engaging and gripping. Apart from this, the trafficking on Craigslist forum is huge. These forums can provide the owners trying to market their business with an opportunity to exchange a word or two with other members, sellers, and potential buyers.

Whenever it comes to making a decision related to their business, Newmark and Buckmaster keep their common objective above all – to keep Craigslist’s culture of community unscathed by giving top priority to keeping it service based, no matter how big of a profit-making opportunity drops in. Hence, the company’s headquarters in San Francisco operates in an old Victorian storefront instead of a fancy glass and steel building. Even the Craigslist website doesn’t portray exquisite graphics or a sophisticated layout, instead, what adds value to the Craigslist website is its efficient search engine and a simple layout which aids its users and makes the process simpler for them.

Craigslist Personals did not charge for posting any other classified ads apart from job openings in a few cities and apartment listings only in New York. Initially, the job posting charges varied for different cities. For example, in Boston, New York, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, the fee was $25, whereas in San Francisco it was $75 for the same purpose. In New York, Craigslist charged $10 for every apartment listing classified ad.

Apart from these, classified ad posting in any category was free for all the other cities in the Craigslist network. However, things changed over time. Now, Craigslist has monetized job postings all over the USA. It has also introduced charges for classified ad postings in the categories of automobiles supplied by dealers. And ticket selling by brokers. Apart from this, postings in a ‘therapeutics’ category offering services like massages have also been monetized. Depending on the place, fees for listing postings in various categories can range between $7 and $75.

Craigslist is the 46th most visited English language website in the USA. Not only this, it has been estimated that Craigslist has more than 55 million visitors attracted to its website. As big of a company Craigslist is, it has only 50 employees managing its affairs. Apart from covering the costs of these 50 employees, Craigslist has to pay some server charges and legal bills. In 2016, according to the calculations of the AIM group. Craigslist net profit was more than $500 million based on revenues generated from post listings in 2016.

Craigslist’s CEO Craig Newmark

Craigslist’s CEO Craig Newmark is known for his stubbornness in his negation to innovate. This explains the company’s website design and smartphone approach still living in 2000. When the company decided to expand beyond San Francisco but paid no heed to other aspects of innovation that are critical to a business, one of which in today’s world is a mobile-friendly website plus an official application. Till this date, Craigslist Personals has not introduced any official application of its own. The most it has done is the introduction of mobile-friendly features on its website such as a map view, but frankly, they haven’t proved to add valuable convenience to the process of surfing through Craigslist’s website using a smartphone. This scenario of the lack of an official Craigslist app has led to the need for third-party Craigslist applications.

These third-party apps are available for both Android and iPhone. The use of such apps makes it easy for a user to access. The Craigslist website and search for classifieds or announcements. Not only this, these applications even allow the users to create their own ads and post them on the website. Some of the most used applications of the aforementioned category include – CPlus for Craigslist (Android and iPhone), Quick for Craigslist Personals (android), CL Mobile (Android and iPhone), Pro App for Craigslist, etc.

The terms of use on the Craigslist website explicitly states. The Craigslist will work in their full capacity with the authorities in case of illegal activity. Apart from this, Craigslist has instituted strict and heavy fines on its users who, in any way. Will try to violate Craigslist’s terms of use. With each passing year. Craigslist is experiencing growth by leaps and bounds. All over the world people are drowning in the news of Craigslist being an amazing resource. More and more people are visiting the website each day in their effort to look for reliable sellers. And providing trusted goods and services.
The CEOs of Craigslist have committed themselves to customer service for their whole lives. Newmark himself states ‘death is my exit strategy’. His passions speak when one witness the kind of value. Craigslist is capable of adding in the lives of its community members.



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